PHHP Phyto Fiber - Help Reduce Body Weight & Weight Control

PHHP Phyto Fiber is a mixture of dietary fiber from fruits and plants which is blended scientifically and to be consumed as a juice drink. It is an effective colon cleanser and a good choice for weight control.

High fiber content foods are an effective colon cleanser and also a safe way to help reduce body weight. A rich amount of fiber is capable of effectively breaking down and eliminating excessive fats in the body, increasing metabolic rates, and getting rid of flabbiness.

Improves normal function of the intestine, lowers the risk of colon cancer, arteriosclerosis, piles and appendicitis. Besides that, it can also help to lower the absorption of sugar and to control blood sugar. Helps to control body weight because it will bulk up when mixed with water and provides a sense of fullness, without increasing the calories content in food. Its gummy substance can lubricate the intestine to help the stool elimination and at the same time it can help to eliminate the coprostasis and waste in the intestine. 

*Relieves diarrhea, absorbs the excessive water in the intestine.
*Natural intestine lubricant, improves the flow of stool elimination.
*Helps to eliminate the coprostasis that is trapped in the body, lowers the risk of colon cancer.
*Improves peristaltic movement, relieves constipation and problem like pile and bad breath.
*Effective colon cleanser enhances the environment for the growth of beneficial bacteria.
*Controls the fat and cholesterol level in the body, lowers the synthesis of bad cholesterol.
*Provides a feeling of fullness, effective to weight control.

Fruit and Vegetable Sources: Bean, Barley, Roselle, Hawthorn Berry, Psyllium Husk, Oats, Brown Rice, wheat husk, seed and whole grain which is the source for mucilage, pectin, cellulose, lignin and some hemicelluloses.

PHHP Phyto Fiber Original/Lemon
Net Weight 20 gram x 15 sachets

Price : RM 85

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